Community Collaboration Culminates in Creation of Spence Springs Trailhead

18 September 2019
  Debbie Maneely

Findlay Subaru Prescott Takes Part in a Community Collaboration Celebrating the Commencement of the New Spence Springs Trailhead

Prescott, AZ (September 17, 2019) - On September 10, 2019 City of Prescott officials, representatives from Findlay Subaru, members of the Forest Service, and volunteers with Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance and Over the Hill Gang celebrated the benchmark event of putting the final signs up and officially opening the Spence Basin Trailhead. The new trailhead is located on Spence Springs Road just west of its junction with Iron Springs Road and has 18 parking spots, a two panel information kiosk, and a porta-potty. The trailhead provides access to nearly 30 miles of newly designed trails in the area for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.

“Findlay Subaru Prescott is proud to help support the local outdoor community in the Prescott area. It is no secret that Subaru owners love the outdoors, and we hope with the completion of the Spence Springs Trailhead project, that trailgoers will make use of the trail system from this location for years to come,” Findlay Subaru Prescott.

This trailhead and the associated 30 miles of trails is a direct result of successful community collaboration through the Greater Prescott Trails Plan, which kicked off back in 2013. This collaborative process has resulted in the authorization of 90 miles of trail and 7 trailheads since then and is still working on more.

The completion of the Spence Springs Trailhead shows that all of the meetings and promises that were made over the years can yield great success. This new Trailhead is located on Prescott National Forest lands, but was built through public and private entities working together for the greater good. The Forest Service provide the design work and the City of Prescott committed equipment and construction expertise, the Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance did the fundraising and Findlay Subaru provided the majority of the funding.

“It is such an honor to be part of the greater Prescott community. Projects like this demonstrate how much we can accomplish when working together toward a common goal. I can’t thank our partners and the community enough for their dedication and commitment to supporting the continued improvement of our wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities here in Prescott” said Sarah Tomsky, Bradshaw District Ranger.

It pays to work together. This trailhead was estimated to cost about $100,000 to construct by a contract, but by working together the Prescott National Forest and City of Prescott employees completed a larger parking area for under $30,000.

“Without the significant commitment from Findlay this project would not have gotten done as quickly and efficiently as it did. We applaud Findlay’s commitment to making our community a better place to live,” Charlie Glasel from the Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance.

This new trailhead and 30 mile trail system is just the beginning of many great trail related projects that have been authorized but not yet funded. This tremendous success paves the way for all of the Greater Prescott Trails Plan projects to come.

If you are interested in getting engaged in similar community efforts you can contact:

· Jason Williams at the Prescott National Forest- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (928) 777-2220

· Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance - https://prescottmtb.com/

· City of Prescott – www.prescotttrails.com

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