Zero Tolerance of Recurring Violations at the Civic Center

03 August 2017
  Prescott Valley Police Department

Prescott Valley Police Department Announcing Strict Enforcement for Recurring Violations at PV Civic Center

In an effort to keep the Prescott Valley Civic Center enjoyable for everyone, the Prescott Valley Police Department is announcing strict enforcement of a number of recurring violations which interfere with pleasant usage of the facilities and grounds. This area includes the public library, the town hall and surrounding amphitheater, the park area and walkways.

With the beginning of the new school year, vehicle and pedestrian traffic will increase significantly. The police department will be increasing patrol of the area with a zero tolerance of violations. Frequent violations include trespassing, loitering, disorderly conduct, offensive language, graffiti, curfew, skateboarding, littering, and drug or tobacco usage. Those violating these laws will be subject to enforcement actions.

The Civic Center Campus is designed to provide a “one-stop” location for a number of business and pleasure purposes. With everyone’s participation in responsible behavior, visiting the campus will be enjoyable for all.

Prescott Valley Police Department can be contacted at (928) 772-9267 for non-emergencies, 911 for emergencies.  


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