MMA Aggression Session To Build Series at Prescott Valley Event Center

16 July 2017
Hometown hero Danny Hilton will look to defend his lightweight belt against Jeff Fletcher at the upcoming Agression Session: Anarchy at the Prescott Valley Event Center on September 2nd, 2017. Photo provided by: Danny Hilton
MMA Agression Session: Anarchy Returns to Prescott Valley Event Center on September 2nd

PRESCOTT VALLEY- Fans of the MMA Aggression Session which took place back in March at the Prescott Valley Event Center are in luck as the event will return and look make the center its permanent home on September 2nd.

“I feel that the demographic up there needs a permanent promotion,” said Principal/Owner of Aggression Session MMA Jody Murphy in a phone interview. “That whole area has grown so big and I just figure now would be a good time to get up there and be growing with them so when people think Aggression Session, they associate it with Prescott Valley.”

Murphy has promoted shows in Phoenix but enjoys the Prescott Valley Event Center due its quality staff and price.

“It was the easiest venue I’ve ever worked with as far as being accommodating,” Murphy said. “The Prescott Valley Event Center is so much nicer then most of the venues in Phoenix at literally 20% of the cost.”

The same full-contract striking and grappling action inside the 26’ hexagon cage will return with much more on September 2nd as Murphy is brining bigger television screens and more cameras to capture the additional fights featured including women competitors, which Murphy said are difficult to acquire.

Additionally, fans will once again have the opportunity to see hometown hero Danny Hilton who looks to defend his lightweight belt against Jeff Fletcher.

“Jeff Fletcher is crazy,” said Hilton in a phone interview.

Hilton won against Fletcher in their first fight before losing by decision and breaking his hand in the last matchup.

“Now everything is full circle, back in my hometown again. I get the rematch and this time I have the championship so I’m defending my belt against him.”

“I need to get that stain off my soul, you know, losing to him.” Hilton continued.

Fighting in one’s own hometown, Hilton has a lot to live up to. it’s not just defending his belt, it’s performing in front of family and friends.

“It’s probably the best and the scariest feeling,” said Hilton. “Everyone here knows you. If something bad happens, if it doesn’t go your way, they all see it…you have all that to live up to. But when you win, you go out there and get over that and you do well…it’s the best feeling on the planet.”

While Murphy can’t guarantee anything in the ring, he is going to foster a family friendly environment to ensure anyone at any age can view the action.

“You’re going to experience a family friendly show,” said Murphy. “It’s not all intense violence with intense music like that, we try to keep it family friendly.”

Along with the event in September, there will be another one later in December and four more in 2018. Murphy says if those events go well, he looks to bring at least four performances each year afterward. Prescott Valley Event Center General Manager Scott Norton sees a good partnership for both the Aggression Session and the center.

“He’s (Murphy) very much interested in making this the permanent home of his Aggression Session series, which obviously we were very much in agreement with,” Norton said in a phone interview. “The fact that we can help them from a marketing standpoint, from a PR standpoint (and) from a sponsorship standpoint to really grow this into a strong event for the center.”

As for Hilton, he enjoys seeing the Aggression Session making a committed effort to growing the event in Prescott Valley as he enjoys fighting for the organization.

“I’m really happy the Aggression Session is coming up here and trying to make it a home,” Hilton said. “I’ve been telling people for years ‘get up here, get up here’. This is where it should be at. There’s tons of people that want to come up here. It’s beautiful up here, the town is growing so much and there is a lot of fighters up here.”

At each event, the Aggression Session is promising fans will see top fighters.

“We’ve always had a knack for finding the best talent,” Murphy said. “The fights are going to be intense.”

Tickets for the Aggression Session: Anarchy taking place on Saturday, September 2nd are available now and start at $25. Individuals looking for VIP ring side table seating are encouraged to visit the box office or call (928)-583-6098. The doors open at 5:30pm and the action kicks off at 7pm.

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